Friday, December 28

Celebrities Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is really popular with celebrities these days and I can't wait to try it when it gets a little warmer!

It’s still a bit of a cult, but more and more Hawaiians — and Canadians — are taking to this newest of water sports. It’s a sport Canadians could love, partly because it combines some of the gliding fun of surfing with the familiar feel of a paddle in the water. You can do it in the waves but it’s also a blast on flat water, you don’t have to catch a wave, which some people find hard to do. You can just paddle.

It’s a great way to get away from the beach and admire the views It’s quite popular in British Columbia, where stand-up boarders (there also are paddle boards where you kneel and paddle) can be found in and around Vancouver and Victoria and on lakes in and around Kelowna. There’s a company in Wasaga Beach that makes them, too, and there are regular races in California, North Carolina, Florida as well as rivers and lakes in Oregon and Nevada. You can even find events in Spain and Hamburg, Germany.

It is something that is a good workout and uses different muscles. With surfing it’s all in your shoulders and balancing. This is using your core stomach and back muscles and your legs and your arms, so it’s really good for you. It’s the closest thing to walking on the water, and you feel kind of above everyone and get a great view.

It’s damned hard work at first, but once you get the feel for the right position it’s pretty cool. You can motor along at a decent pace but also speed things up a bit. It’s a great cardio sport!!

It's a great date for an active couple my boyfriend would be out there catching waves, and me probably just paddling around! :)


Shanelé said...

This looks like such a fun workout! Not sure I could ever pull it off and it's way to cold here in New York but perhaps this summer. Thanks for the inspiration!


Susana King said...

This is interesting, I never heard of paddleboarding before. It looks fun!