Sunday, April 29

Need to go tanning

I did some sit ups, push ups and leg lifts tonight and plan to do some every night before bed while watching tv.  I am also now keeping track of my calories using My FitnessPal app on my iphone and it's great to have on the go! I can find almost any item and it adds it up all your meals for you and everything!  My total calories today were 1461.  Not the best but okay, I am more upset that I am not going to have much time to work out tomorrow because I got called in to work at the dental office.  I am happy to have the money though!  I decided after I am down to 120 lbs I am buying myself some tanning minutes! 

Saturday, April 28


I'm feeling really tired today, must be because I am still getting over my cold.   On a good note, I got my marks back and all of them were good, so I was really happy about that!! I work tomorrow until later so I wont be able to work out but Monday I am hoping I can if I don't get called in.  Here's my calories for today:  
B- Coffee&omelette -472 cals
L- London fog, sushi with soya sauce -300 cals
D- yukon gold potato, chicken wing, broccoli -266 cals
S- green tea& diet coke - 0 cals
Total= 1032 cals

1.5 hour work out today!

Worked out today for an hour and a half, yay!! haha.  Not feeling sore yet but hopefully I will tomorrow, I like it so I know it's making a difference.  Here's what I did at the gym today:
elliptical - 20 min
push ups - 10 reps, 3 sets
sit ups - 10 reps (with 7 lb medicine ball), 2 sets
free weights and machines - 30 min
lunges with medicine ball - 10 reps, 2 sets
resistance band leg lifts- 10 reps, 2 sets
plank - 20 seconds, 3 sets
Total calories burned = 360 calories

I didn't eat very healthy today, I should have ate more but I was so nervous I was going to go over when I went out for dinner.  I am glad I am working tomorrow at the mall (I work there on weekends and a dental office weekdays).  It is easy to eat well there because I just bring my late lunch/dinner and I always drink lots of green tea there too! Here's my calories for today:
B - skinny caramel macchiato - 138 cals
L  - strawberry smoothie - 110 cals
D - west coast pockets - 200 cals (Really good! See pic below!)
    - riesling (9 oz. glass) - 216 cals
    - 2 bites of key lime pie - 30 cals?
    - skinny caramel macchiato - 138 cals
Total calories - 832 calories-- Promise I will eat more tomorrow, and healthier too! xo

Friday, April 27

Feeling motivated!

Posting so late at night, just watching girls next door haha.  I am excited and really motivated to work out tomorrow because I didn't do a very good job eating well today.  I stayed in my calorie range but it wasn't very healthy.  I'm planning to do lots of abs and I'm going to ask my boyfriend (a newly certified personal trainer!) what exercises I can do for my glutes.  I am also going to go to cactus club for dinner and drinks with my friend so I will have to be careful!! I am thinking chilled white wine (95 cals) and west coast pockets (200 cals).  Yumm!!
Today's calories:  
B - coffee with splenda and milk - 30 cals
L  - rice cake and orange - 107 cals
D - homemade burger - 650 cals?
S - 7 rice chips - 100 cals
    - italian soda - 150 cals?
    - green tea - 0 cals
    - toast with peanut butter - 210 cals
Total=1247 cals (better than I thought!)

Wednesday, April 25

Sore from workout yesterday!

I am feeling much better today! I didn't get a chance to work out because I worked until 7:30 pm though.  I am actually really sore today anyways, especially my abs it's hurts to laugh even! For calories I did pretty good, could have ate a little more actually but once I got home and ate dinner it was late.

B- 2 pieces of PB toast - 368 cals
L- banana and 2 white cheddar rice cakes - 195 cals
D- chicken fried rice and some carrots - 435 cals
S- Green tea - 0 cals
   - Skinny cow ice cream sandwich - 150 cals
Total= 1148 cals

Resistance band work out

So today I was still feeling under the weather but I was able to get a small workout in and try out my resistance bands.  I bought them from superstore for around $17.  Here's a picture of the ones I bought and some exercises to do!  I wasn't able to do that many exercises today but it is a really great workout; even celebs like Jessica Biel use them!

My caloric intake wasn't so great today :(
B - omelette - 500 cals
L - strawberries&fruitbar - 138.5 cals
D - quesadillas - 600 cals
S - angel food cake and sherbet - 294
    - .5 energy drink - 65 cals
    - liquorice candy -  10 cals
Total = 1607.5
I burned 404 calories at the gym though, so I guess it's not that bad.  

Monday, April 23

Caloric Intake

I was still feeling really sick today so I wasn't able to work out but I did eat mostly healthy.  I find keeping track of my caloric intake really helps me, so I think I will do it more often.  I would like to stay around 1200-1500 calories a day, but of course the less the better.  Tomorrow is my last day off before I work for 6 days in a row, so hopefully I can work out!
Here's my calories for today:

Breakfast                                 Lunch
yogurt            - 70 cals            clubhouse wrap -  615 cals
strawberries - 28 cals            side salad w italian dressing - 60 cals
1/2 banana   - 53 cals            sweet server (drink) - 154
matcha            - 7 cals

Dinner                                      Snacks
salad      - 89 cals                   halls candy - 6 cals
dressing - 35 cals                   green tea    - 0 cals

Total = 1117 calories

Sunday, April 22

Fitspo and snack ideas

Hello! I've been feeling sick so I wasn't able to work out today as I planned.  I am hopefully feeling better tomorrow so I can finally try out the resistance bands I bought from superstore.  In the meantime here are some fitspo photos (eye candy if you are a guy) and healthy snack ideas I've been looking at while I am resting up! 

Saturday, April 21

Wake up sunshine!

The girls I work with showed me this new recipe, a metabolism-boosting sundae which burns fat, is high in protein, and contains caffeine from matcha green tea.  I am excited to try it because it looks delicious and will give me the energy I need for working out.  I have tried and love matcha before, but I found it bothers me on an empty stomach so adding yogurt and fruit is the perfect solution!!

1/2 cup low-fat Greek yogurt
1 banana (just one half should be fine)
1/2 cup strawberries
Unsweetened coconut to taste
Ground flaxseed, to desired consistency
Matcha green tea powder, to taste
(my favourite is from

Combine all ingredients and enjoy.

Here's my attempt below :)

Monday, April 16

My Seven Deadly Food Sins

I thought I would post some foods that I want to avoid from now on.  I can use this list to look at when a craving hits.  I also tried to mention a healthier alternative beside each item.  Here are my Seven Deadly Food Sins:

1. Butter - A little butter is not bad but I eat too much of it.  At 102 calories/ tbsp and 12.5 grams of fat, I will use pepper and maybe a bit of mixed spices or chopped herbs and garlic on my mashed potatoes from now on.

2. McDonalds- Junior Mc Chicken and fries - 740 calories, 38 grams of fat.  Note to self: Don't keep eating this or you will look like this lady. <--
3. Pizza - The unhealthy kind. One slice of little caesars hawaiian is 280 calories, and has barely any nutritional value.  From now on if I eat pizza it will be veggie and thin crust!
4. Ice cream- I do actually have some healthier ice creams at home like Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches (140 cals, 1.5 grams of fat) and healthy choice bars (100 cals, 1.5 grams of fat).  I still need to cut back though.  Dairy Queen can be no more, a small strawberry cheesequake blizzard (my fave) 530 calories and 21 grams of fat.

5. Cheese- I believe it's not bad for you if you just have a little, but when I'm sprinkling it on broccoli at dinner and crackers at 10:30 at night... that's not good for anyone.

6. Starbucks- There are healthier choices at starbucks, but I never choose them haha.  From now on I will be getting a skinny latte (90 cals), non-fat iced caffe latte (70 cals), coffee frappuccino light blended coffee (90 cals), or a black shaken iced tea (60 cals).   

7. Alcohol- That pretty little martini will sure pack on the pounds.  One green apple martini is 344 calories and 10 grams of sugar.  I will drink wine, if anything, from now on.  The lowest calorie white wine is chardonnay at 95 cals per 5 oz. glass.