Saturday, April 28

1.5 hour work out today!

Worked out today for an hour and a half, yay!! haha.  Not feeling sore yet but hopefully I will tomorrow, I like it so I know it's making a difference.  Here's what I did at the gym today:
elliptical - 20 min
push ups - 10 reps, 3 sets
sit ups - 10 reps (with 7 lb medicine ball), 2 sets
free weights and machines - 30 min
lunges with medicine ball - 10 reps, 2 sets
resistance band leg lifts- 10 reps, 2 sets
plank - 20 seconds, 3 sets
Total calories burned = 360 calories

I didn't eat very healthy today, I should have ate more but I was so nervous I was going to go over when I went out for dinner.  I am glad I am working tomorrow at the mall (I work there on weekends and a dental office weekdays).  It is easy to eat well there because I just bring my late lunch/dinner and I always drink lots of green tea there too! Here's my calories for today:
B - skinny caramel macchiato - 138 cals
L  - strawberry smoothie - 110 cals
D - west coast pockets - 200 cals (Really good! See pic below!)
    - riesling (9 oz. glass) - 216 cals
    - 2 bites of key lime pie - 30 cals?
    - skinny caramel macchiato - 138 cals
Total calories - 832 calories-- Promise I will eat more tomorrow, and healthier too! xo


Anonymous said...

Where are the west coast pockets from, or do you have the recipe? Stumbeled upom your blog. Good work!

Laura Hartman said...

From Cactus Club :) and thanks!