Sunday, April 29

Need to go tanning

I did some sit ups, push ups and leg lifts tonight and plan to do some every night before bed while watching tv.  I am also now keeping track of my calories using My FitnessPal app on my iphone and it's great to have on the go! I can find almost any item and it adds it up all your meals for you and everything!  My total calories today were 1461.  Not the best but okay, I am more upset that I am not going to have much time to work out tomorrow because I got called in to work at the dental office.  I am happy to have the money though!  I decided after I am down to 120 lbs I am buying myself some tanning minutes! 


Lou xx said...

I love your dedication! I unfortunatly dont put on any weight even though I eat & eat!! :(

Iv nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! :D


Laura said...

You are so lucky! and thank you so much! :)