Friday, April 27

Feeling motivated!

Posting so late at night, just watching girls next door haha.  I am excited and really motivated to work out tomorrow because I didn't do a very good job eating well today.  I stayed in my calorie range but it wasn't very healthy.  I'm planning to do lots of abs and I'm going to ask my boyfriend (a newly certified personal trainer!) what exercises I can do for my glutes.  I am also going to go to cactus club for dinner and drinks with my friend so I will have to be careful!! I am thinking chilled white wine (95 cals) and west coast pockets (200 cals).  Yumm!!
Today's calories:  
B - coffee with splenda and milk - 30 cals
L  - rice cake and orange - 107 cals
D - homemade burger - 650 cals?
S - 7 rice chips - 100 cals
    - italian soda - 150 cals?
    - green tea - 0 cals
    - toast with peanut butter - 210 cals
Total=1247 cals (better than I thought!)

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