Monday, April 23

Caloric Intake

I was still feeling really sick today so I wasn't able to work out but I did eat mostly healthy.  I find keeping track of my caloric intake really helps me, so I think I will do it more often.  I would like to stay around 1200-1500 calories a day, but of course the less the better.  Tomorrow is my last day off before I work for 6 days in a row, so hopefully I can work out!
Here's my calories for today:

Breakfast                                 Lunch
yogurt            - 70 cals            clubhouse wrap -  615 cals
strawberries - 28 cals            side salad w italian dressing - 60 cals
1/2 banana   - 53 cals            sweet server (drink) - 154
matcha            - 7 cals

Dinner                                      Snacks
salad      - 89 cals                   halls candy - 6 cals
dressing - 35 cals                   green tea    - 0 cals

Total = 1117 calories

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