Wednesday, August 29

Vacation = Deadly to diets

I went on vacation and gained a bunch of weight back while I was away.  I should have held back but it was really hard.  So now at least I am back on track.  Here's what today looks like so far diet wise.
B-blueberries and yogurt - 61 cals
   -tea with cream and splenda - 20 cals
L-Salad with no dressing - 50 cals
  -Almonds - 127 cals
D-Frozen entree -400 cals

Total = 658 cals

I will eat more but that's all I know of right now ;) I'm sure I will add some more healthy snacks.

Friday, August 17

Meal Plan

This is my meal plan for today, let's see if I can stick to it!

B- Crumpet with PB - 175 cals
L- Yogurt and blueberries - 142 cals
D- Sushi - 131 cals
 - Rice milk and sugar in tea - 50 cals
 - Sandwich - 195
S - 25 Almonds - 173 cals

Total = 866 cals

Not very much but I need to make up for earlier in the week.

Thursday, August 16

fitness pictures

Did really well today, hope to tomorrow too! I work all day so I think I can stick to my calorie goal.  So tired, so I will just post some fitness pictures before bed.

Stay Strong xox

The past few days I haven't been keeping up with my calorie restrictions.  I am finding it really hard lately.  Hopefully I can still turn it around by the end of the week! I am working out more though, yesterday I went for an hour walk and today before work I am scheduled for another training session with my boyfriend (personal trainer). Wish me luck for today! I need today to go well!! xox

Nice bod but.. um what is this guy doing in a parking lot? lol

Milk - What type you should drink

I ran across this great article in self magazine and thought I would share!  I personally don't drink a lot of milk (only really in coffee and tea) but I have tried soy milk, almond milk and rice milk before.  I liked the soy milk and rice milk but the almond milk... not so much.  I am excited to try the others however; I will be looking for them in the grocery/health store next time I'm there!

Tuesday, August 14

Coffee has many health benefits!

As you may have heard the results of a recent study suggest that drinking coffee can actually help you live longer. According to the results of this study regular coffee drinkers are less likely to die from heart disease, lung disease, strokes, injuries, accidents, diabetes and infections.

This is not the first study to suggest there are actually many positives to drinking coffee regularly: 
(1) Decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes. It's believed that the cause of this decrease is because of the antioxidants in coffee.
(2) Lower risk of stroke.
(3) Lower risk of heart disease.
(4) Lower risk of Parkinson's disease, due to caffeine.
(5) Significantly lower risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease.
(6) Decreased risk of cancer, particularly cancer of the liver.
Coffee & Weight Loss
I've long thought that drinking coffee every morning helps with weight loss as the caffeine boosts the metabolism while also acting as an appetite suppressant. Of course any weight loss positives associated with coffee drinking are lost if you aren't drinking real coffee (not decaf) but instead one of those 500 calorie sweet coffee drinks from Starbucks. 
Drink real coffee!
Once you get a taste for it you won't want to have any part of that super sweet stuff anymore. To a real coffee drinker those sugary Frappuccino type drinks are like kool-aid to a wine lover.
This information I got from My All Natural Weight Loss.  

Monday, August 13

Disappointed with my results

I weighed myself this morning and I only lost 1 lb.  So I'm at 127 lbs, disappointing but expected.  I went on a hike today with my boyfriend though, lots of stairs and uphill climbing! :) I am going to take the calories I was over last week and subtract them from this weeks goal.  So my goal this week is to eat 1245 calories a day (net).  Not very much, but do-able!  Here's some thinspiration & fitspiration to get through the week!