Sunday, August 5

14 day abs challenge

Today I kept under my calorie allowance, but I almost binged a couple of times.  I almost stopped for fast food after work, I almost stopped for a bag of chips after dinner, and I almost ate the rest of the ice cream cake instead of just a small slice.  I was proud though, I didn't do it!! Tomorrow though I don't work, so I have to stay extra motivated because when I'm not working I find it much easier to over-eat out of boredom.  I am going to start the 14 day abs challenge below instead of being bored!!  So here's my Calorie count for today and some pictures of skinny bitches to get me through tomorrow!

B- Bread with pb and a banana - 278 cals
L- tea with milk, small tuna sandwich with light/half the fat mayo - 263 cals
D - Fish Tacos and white wine - 570 cals
S - Small slice of DQ cake - 240 cals

Total = 1351 calories

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Anonymous said...

I want to try this but will it work