Saturday, August 11

Party Tips

Didn't post last night because I went to the movies.  I ate 1638 calories yesterday calories yesterday, which is over my limit but I did go for a little walk and I'm still doing my ab workout every night so it was 1542 net.  I have a party to go to tonight that I'm a bit worried about, hopefully I can hold back on the fatty foods, alcohol, dessert and so forth.

If you’re a guest at an upcoming party, here are a few tips to help you make healthier choices:

  • Don’t arrive hungry. Hunger can make it difficult to make good food choices—everything looks delicious when you’re starving. Have some soup, a handful of almonds or an apple and some water to take the edge off your hunger before coming to the party.
  • Take a walk around and see what food is available—before you pick up a plate. Take note of the healthy selections.
  •  Fill your 3/4 of your plate with fruits and vegetables. Then choose a few other items to round out your meal.
  • Limit yourself to one trip to the serving table. If you're still hungry, go for the healthy produce options.
  • Cut down on portion sizes to allow yourself a bite or two of your favorites. Use a smaller plate and serve your food with a teaspoon instead of a large serving spoon.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions, making you more likely to make poor food choices. Enjoy a drink, but alternate with a glass of mineral water or a diet soda.
  • Watch out for appetizers. A handful of cheese and crackers can set you back hundreds of calories while a single chicken wing contains about 200 calories but hardly puts a dent in your hunger. Select one or two pieces of cheese to savor and save your calories for a full piece of baked chicken instead.
  • If you want to have an appetizer, select something nutrient-rich, like bruschetta with fresh tomatoes or shrimp in cocktail sauce.
  • Enjoy desserts in small portions. It’s the first three or four bites that taste the best, so take a small portion of your favorite and savour each bite.

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