Saturday, August 4


I know I already posted today but I needed to write down my calories and food consumed.  It helps me stay accountable, and so I wont snack later! lol I went out with a friend for dessert but I didn't eat it all at least! I am going out for dinner tomorrow too, ahh hopefully there's something healthy there.  I will look and plan out what I will order right after this :)  K here's what I ate today.

B- Greek yogurt and blueberries - 141 cals
L- Chicken pita wrap and some tea with milk and splenda - 446 cals
D- 7 pieces of yam sushi - 123 cals
S- Sangria - 130 cals
  - 2/3 of a cactus club strawberry shortcake trio - 420 calories

Total = 1260 cals

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