Wednesday, August 1


So I totally over-ate today, but it was my Birthday, so I guess it's okay.

I went on this zip lining/ obstacle course that was actually really hard so I probably burned a ton of calories doing that at least! It was really fun, but also scary since I am afraid of heights.

Here's what I ate followed by some pictures of my cake and presents :)

Breakfast - coffee with cream and sugar - 61 cals
Lunch - tortilla with pasta salad (low fat dressing) and lettuce - 372 cals
Dinner - Chicken pita wrap with a bit of indian rice and roasted potatoes - appox 563 cals
- 2 Margaritas on the rocks (no salt) - 336 cals
Snacks - Ice cream cake - 410 cals
- Ouzo candy - 14 cals

Total = 1756 cals :'(

My cake, love the leopard!

From Dad 
From Dad and Brother
From Boyfriend
From Mom

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