Tuesday, July 31

Healthy + pictures

Ate pretty healthy today so far, hopefully I can make it until going to bed before snacking out! I did play tennis for a about half hour today too which burned some extra calories.  I have been drinking 8 glasses of water/ day too I find it really does make me feel fuller longer if I drink a glass with a meal.  It is my Birthday tomorrow so wish me luck on not eating too much junk food! I will post pics of my gifts and the day too! This is what I ate today followed by some pictures!

Breakfast - Chai tea with cream and 2 tsp sugar - 69 cals
                  - Greek yogurt with fresh raspberries, blueberries and strawberries - 103 cals
Lunch - Sprouted grain, cheese and veggie sandwich - 374 cals
Dinner - Glass of Chardonnay - 115 cals
             - Half size Delicado's garden veggie wrap - 275 cals (approx)
             - Southwest salad - 296 cals

Total = 1232 cals

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