Monday, August 13

Disappointed with my results

I weighed myself this morning and I only lost 1 lb.  So I'm at 127 lbs, disappointing but expected.  I went on a hike today with my boyfriend though, lots of stairs and uphill climbing! :) I am going to take the calories I was over last week and subtract them from this weeks goal.  So my goal this week is to eat 1245 calories a day (net).  Not very much, but do-able!  Here's some thinspiration & fitspiration to get through the week!


Cat Cee said...

Hey Laura!

I love your blog. I'm kinda doing the same this as you with my blog and I would love if you'd check it out

I love you pics! I will definitely be following your weight-loss! Best of luck!

Laura Hartman said...

Thanks so much! I will definitely check your blog out too! :)