Sunday, December 23

How to look thinner in your photos!

Take off those 10 extra pounds with simple steps...

1. Pull your chest forward and shoulders back. At the same time, suck in your stomach just a little bit. You don't want to seem like you can't breath, do these gently. At first I felt like I was showing off my breast but the pictures showed that when done very discreetly, you look 5 pounds lighter already (and this is just the first one).

2. Turn partially sideways to the camera, planting one foot in front of the other. Point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot.

3. Your arms need to be doing something unless your one of those blessed women with tight triceps! Place your hands on your hips or hold them slightly away from your body. This will remove the flattening of the fat under your arms and make them appear much thinner in photos.

4. Elongate your neck a little (we don't want to seem like your searching for something) or pull your head forward slightly to reduce the look of a double chin.

5. This one is very important, have the "photographer" take the picture from above. If you're a hippy gal, the above angel reduces the enlarging of the hips in pictures. Do not allow pictures to be taken from below (this will add 20 pounds on any women or man!).

6. Try wearing black (this one is an old one but try a twist on it). Black isn't the only color that makes you look thinner, try wearing all one color; black, beige, brown. Stay away from "young" colors (pink) when testing the "all one color" technique.

7. Wear the same color as the background! This is a fairly new idea and is has mostly been used for portrait photography in the past year or so. You tend to blend and with all the other techniques above, these pictures come out amazing!

8. Another old but good technique is having a tan. Whether it be spray on or not, a slight tan reduces the appearance of dimples (we all know we have them!) and gives you a more toned look.

9. The most recent technique I learned on the Tyra banks show was that if you are going to stand facing straight into the camera, pull your butt back or arch your lower back very slightly to reduce the size of the hips and butt. Check out Tyra's “Fabulous Photo Friday” tips for taking great pictures, every time:
10. Buy some spanks, this wardrobe solution comfortably shapes problem areas and accentuates your waistline. Ideal for every occasion when you want to wow!

11. Last but not least on my list, is right before the picture, take a deep breath and let it out. Finish with a smile where your teeth part just a little. This will give the photo a nice and relaxed feel!


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Anonymous said...

Neat, I got to try your tips next time my family takes pictures of me. I think your ideas are very useful. :)

Tatiana said...

This was very much needed. Thank you so much!! I always end up looking like a hippo next to my friends. Next time I'll be prepared !! >:)