Sunday, September 9

All water weight?

I feel like all the weight I've lost in the past week has been water weight, but I hope not because I've been working really hard! I've lost 4 lbs by eating an average of 1174 cals/ day for the past 6 days and working out 3 of those days burning a total of 1179 cals.

I don't like to plan for less than 1200 a day, hopefully my body didn't go into starvation mode, I've just been busy and didn't have a lot of time to eat and didn't want to eat at night.

I hope today goes just as well, I only work for four hours and my boyfriend is coming over soon for breakfast.

HW-132 lbs
CW-126 lbs
LW-109 lbs
GW-115 lbs
Height - 5'8

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