Saturday, September 8

My September inspiration, Halloween Costume

Hello! I feel bad for ignoring my blog lately, but it took me a while to get things back on track. I have started counting calories again and I got a membership at the gym my boyfriend works at!

So I am training every second day with him (for free=best bf ever!) and it's my third time going tomorrow.  I am currently at 128 lbs, so down two pounds since my vacation already!  Hope to lose more soon.

I want to look good in whatever Halloween costume I choose.  I am thinking Barbie right now, I just have to get a pink dress, extra blonde wig with bangs and hopefully a necklace that says Barbie!  This is my inspiration below (I do not own this photo btw)  


Susana King said...

Are you still working out at the gym? Is it a good one? I was trying to work out at different gyms last year and one of them had a lot of broken equipment. But it was cheap there. BAC was the one I liked the most.

Laura Hartman said...

Yes I go to VI fitness for weight training days. I get the 10 time punch pass because their contracts are ridiculous. Their equipment is really good though, and they have women's only part too. I also go to a gym at a rec-center/pool where you can sneak in for free which I go to when I just want to do cardio.